Strip Down, Eat Up!



Locally inspired, seasonal chicken and home-made bone broth - our core ingredients are the heroes in our simple, delicious fresh fare.
We love our hormone-free, free-range chicken and local organic vegetables at their best.


Firstly, welcome to Naked Bones, certainly home of the best flame-grilled Mozambican chicken, and delicious, nutritious bone broth in KZN.

Secondly, before you dive right into our anatomy, it’s time for a spot of introductions. So, we need to spice things up and give you a bit of a back story. Just to warm you up a bit, you know?

Inspired by the unique foodstuffs of Cape Town and Johannesburg, also the amazing creative vibe of the industry, Naked Bones' founder, PJ Davies' aim for the business is to unite people and add a unique and exciting food concept to KZN or East Coast. Plus, stock making is the oldest and most widely taught tradition in cooking, so we honor and embody this tradition in everything that we do, taking absolutely zero shortcuts.

Naked Bones is all about the good food and laid-back vibes, to suit the chilled-out Durban folk. We all know that the busyness of life is second to the love of life, a good wave and a full belly here in Durbs - so go on and do that funky chicken, there’s no judgement here. Check out what we have to offer!