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LOVING is also sharing and giving away so we have decided to run a competition to ask you all to share your recipes where you have used any Naked Bones broth in your meal.
Share your delicious recipe on our instagram and facebook pages and the most interesting dish will win Naked Bones product, off our online store, to the value of R550.
So, Naked Bones products of your choice will be delivered to your door.
How awesome is that!


You will need to

1.Click on our Social Media links to post your recipes

2. Like and follow us

3. Share your Naked Bones recipe & Creative Pic of your dish!

4. Tag a friend who you know will love Naked Bones

If you don’t have Naked Bones broth in your freezer, you can order with us directly on or you can find us at any of these amazing stores on our stockists page  ->
Winner will be Announced at the end of the month on the 29th July.



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We are so grateful to all of you for the amazing support we have received since the beginning of our journey with Covid-19 and Lockdown. We realise what a tough season this has been for all of us and are amazed that Naked Bones has still gone from strength to strength.

So we have decided to LOVE BACK through winter and are running  a beautiful LOVE WINTER campaign.


Follow and watch our social media platforms for our competition , coming soon


Winter is all about comfort and care, so we would like to take care of you with a few ideas.

We will drop in throughout the month with some of our bone broth based recipes. We have made these and delivered them locally to our KZN community to keep everyone well fed during lockdown, with the added nutrition of bone broth in every meal. The recipes are super simple and we will share 3 chicken meals (periperi, coconut & lime and lemon& olive) all cooked on the thigh, a Moroccan lamb dish, a beef shin pie and a brothy Asian pork belly meal , not to mention our lentil dhal and cauliflower pilaf. So if you don’t feel you have the time what with homeschooling and work to cook from scratch, then KZN people, get in touch and we will send you the menu of our bone  broth based meals




During Winter, we know how important it is to keep everyone well, now more so than ever. Build up your gut health and immunity with Naked Bones. We felt it vital to take care of your babies and your fur-babies, so we have introduced Junior Bone Broth (suitable from 6 months and paediatric dietician approved), nourishing and amazing to add to babies and kids meals for added nutritional benefits and Pet Bone Broth (hydrating, good for coat, bones, fur and overall well-being) to our range. We also have (being the first in South Africa) developed a delicious combination of bone broth (40%) and raw fruit juice (60%). It comes in a 300ml good to go bottle, so the ideal thing to have in the morning or even during the day when you are busy and have missed a meal.

Last but not least, try out our bone broth cleanses and packages which you can buy online here through  our store at Each pack is designed to work for your needs, whether you decide you need a 3 or 5 day gut reset/cleanse with Bone Broth, a bulk order for your family, the vegan range is amazing , even to add to meat dishes or the Bone BROTH HERO PACK may appeal if you would like our whole classical bone broth range.


We have started making soup every week on a Wednesday in a wonderful partnership with ADCA (Against Drugs and Child Abuse) to get meals to very needy and specifically targeted orphan groups and pensioners in Shakas Head and Groutville (our nearby communities). Just cooked our 3rd batch in our 3rd week and we have been able to bless people with 350 litres of soup!!

You can join us by loving these people 4 ways:

  1. Buy veg and drop on a Wednesday
  2. Chop your veg at home and drop off in Umhlali Village. (Behind Ringside Boxing!)
  3. Bring your veg and come chop with us for an hour @ 9am @ Naked Bones and Adca.
  4. Donate to ADCA NPO – we will send details to you!



Now Available TO BUY on

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Our entire range is now available through our online store

We have our Naked Bones Bone Broth Range plus other awesome complimentary SupaFood brands, ranges and products available to purchase and have delivered direct to your door!

Click on the link below to browse our products + exciting Bone Broth Cleanse Packs, Family Packs and other health brands.

Featured in GET IT mag

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Naked Bones was featured in the March edition of GET IT Mag for Ballito & Umhlanga readers

The Low Down on Bone Broth








Thanks to all our local supporters for the feedback and continuous support.

Ballito Stockists:


Umhlanga Stockists:



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In these times we find ourselves in where Health is Front of Mind we thought we would answer this important question?

▸ Is Free Range Bone Broth food or medicine?

It has traditionally been used as both. As a food it is generally incorporated into other dishes, served as a nutritional base to make soup, stew, sauce or gravy, or to cook grains and beans in,where water is replaced.

Broth is not a complete protein, since it only contains three amino acids. A complete protein needs to contain all 8 essential amino acids. Therefore it is not a meat replacement, but it can be used as a meat extender. Since glycine is used to make other amino acids, it is considered protein sparing. In addition, because glycine is used to make energy in gluconeogenesis, consuming glycine spares your own body protein from being broken down to make energy. Broth is great as an in-between meals option, incorporated into a meal or as 'tea'as explained below.

As a medicine, it is often used alone, sipped at intervals or drunk much like a tea. "Tea" can be used to describe an infusion or a decoction. Broth is a bone and cartilage decoction, or
tea. What this process is doing, with herbs or bones, is removing the active chemical ingredients into the water by means of heat, time, and acid, making the nutrients immediately available to absorb. Using the standard of herbal formulation, broth qualifies as a medicine. Our method is special due to the fact that we cook our broth for 48 hours, allowing long, slow and intentional extraction.

Being both a food and a medicine, broth has some distinct benefits. In general, food is a form of medicine that has few side effects and is difficult to overdose on. There is less likelihood of forgetting to take the medicine, since eating is a part of a normal daily routine. This is especially true if the medicinal food can be incorporated into established eating patterns, such as using broth to cook grains  and starches for your  family, who will benefit from it on a regular basis.

Broth can be thought of as a protein supplement, a mineral supplement and a GAG supplement. The chemical ingredients extracted from broth are glycine and proline (collagen/ gelatin), calcium and phosphorus (minerals), hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate (GAGs), and other minerals, amino acids and GAGs in smaller amounts. Because it's easy to absorb, tastes good, and contains a rich concentration of nutrients, broth makes a distinctively good medicine.

It is an example of using the entirety of what Nature provides, recognizable foods. Most importantly, broth tastes good, it's a delicious food that people enjoy eating, and that makes the best medicine.



Ros & Stephen