28 February 2024, Wednesday


Immunity for You & Your Family!

This Immunity box is our new exciting collaboration with The Juice Kitchen bringing you an even more powerful & delicious IMMUNITY offering.

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Immunity Healing with Boosting Bone Broth and Raw Juice

We have come up with a clever and convenient way to boost nutrition & maintain health , all in one box, all in juices and broths to keep you well during this Covid season. This is an amazing offering and provides you with an incredible combination of Grass Fed Free Range Bone Broth & Raw Fruit and Vegetable Juices provided by The Juice Kitchen.

This Immunity box gives you an all -rounded offering and a beautiful balance of the best of both. Not only do you have juices to kick off your day and add to your smoothies but also Bone Broth to add to your meals and to use as the base to any meal.  We have come up with 20 items in your box designed with IMMUNITY in mind using key IMMUNITY BOOSTING ingredients. This will keep you and your family healthy, boost immunity and your overall nutrition week in and week out. This is not a radical cleanse or detox and is designed for everyone to use, kids included.

The Juice Kitchen provides you with organic, cold pressed juices, providing the body with  highest quality nutrition .Their core values are HONEST, INSPIRATIONAL & PASSIONATE and we are so excited to be collaborating with such a great brand.

The famous ginger shots – amazing for boosting immunity, reducing pain and inflammation, stimulating circulation, protecting the body from cancer and reducing bad cholesterol! Too good not to include. The C&P twist so popular with the kids and  loaded in multivitamins, beta-carotenes and antioxidants. The recharge – great juice to energise the body and with an abundance of green veg to balance the body ph levels. The black lemonade – detoxify the body with this delicious activated charcoal drink which traps toxins in the gut and flushes them from your body.

Naked Bones is a powerful immune-system booster with amino acids and anti-inflammatory properties .Bone broth is also high in protein and collagen providing a perfect option when you are looking for something quick, filling and healthy. An all-in-one nutrition source your body needs to thrive. Also use Bone Broth as a quick tummy filler, an addition to a meal for recovery from illness or during illness.

Keto and Paleo Friendly, Whole30 Approved, Gluten-Free, & Non-GMO!

PACK Includes = 20 ITEMS


Beef Bone Broth x 1 (500ml tubs)

Chicken Bone Broth x 1 (500ml tubs)

Chicken Coconut & Lime Sipping Bone Broth x 2 (500ml tubs)

Beef  Tumeric & Ginger Sipping Bone Broth x 2 (500ml tubs)

Spicey Vegan Broth x 1 (500ml tubs)

Asian Vegan Broth x 1(500ml tubs)

Raw Green Juice and Bone Broth Blend x 1 (300ml bottles)

Raw Red Juice and Bone Broth Blend x 1(300ml bottles)


Ginger shots x 4 (300ml bottles)

C&P Twist x 2 (300ml bottles)-  Carrot, pineapple & lemon

Recharge x 2 (300ml bottles)- pineapple, celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon & apple

Black Lemonade x 2 (300ml bottles)- apple, lemon, honey & activated charcoal

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