About Us

Having come from 12 years of experience in both the food and health industry we felt it time to go into another field , particularly one we are so passionate about and that is.. making a difference in peoples lives with what we give them. Bone Broth has become a known entity over the last couple years in SA so it was at this point that Naked Bones and our paths collided and we have embraced this beautiful process of putting something real into your food and every day meal .

Our mission became clear and that was to grow the range to serve all people, all over South Africa and maybe one day beyond our boundaries. So we grew Naked Bones. We have made sure we are able to supply those who are unwell and need broth as part of their diet plan, foodies who want to make a delicious ramen noodle bowl on a Wednesday night, mummies who are incorporating health into their every day plan for kids, and those who just need a good nutritious base for a bowl of pasta. We have also included vegans and vegetarians in our journey and launched a range. Pescatarians have not been left out either and they can feast on our linefish broth only using dorado caught on our KZN north coast shores

We have ensured our cooking process has not waivered. We are still cooking broth for 48 hours and thanks to our friend Nita (nutritionist) who has provided us with a nutritional break down, we now know that the there is a huge difference between cooking broth for 24 hours vs 48 hours. The nutrional value is amplified.

Plans long term are to expand into the baby market and develop broth for babies (we have our very own local specialist paediatrician who is ready to endorse this for us and  broth for your pets ( yes we have been asked already!).  we are constantly working on finding ways to get Broth to you in every nook and cranny of our country.. if it is not near you yet, it is coming.

Please take a look at our STOCKISTS page for where to buy broth and for information on our bone broth visit our WHY FREE RANGE BONE BROTH page.