Junior Chicken Bone Broth 500ml

19 June 2024, Wednesday


Our Junior Broth comes in 2 flavours, chicken and beef providing a delicious  and nourishing addition to your childrens meals.



A gentle nourishing liquid addition to your baby or child’s meal from 6 months. Use bone broth to add nutrition and flavour, strengthening bones, aiding  digestion, joint support and building your little ones immunity. This is an aid in weaning and nutritional support. Use it in your arsenal to support your child’s gut health too & as a nourishing addition to your childrens meals.

Free Range Chicken Bone Broth from Naked Bones contains all the immunity boosting and necessary nutrition your body needs, particularly for flu seasons, stress & using all of nature in a tub as preventative medicine. It provides a comforting savoury taste and at the same time gives all the health benefits Grandma used to pour into her own recipe.

Only free range chicken bones, fresh vegetables & herbs are used with organic apple cider vinegar and water for slow-cooking & extraction for 48-hours into a sippable broth packed with protein and other good stuff. Sip it seasoned or as a base for soups, stews or bowl foods, add to smoothies, hummus, favourite dishes or use to cook grains & starches or beans, boosting your gut health while maintaining healthy nutrition, packing tons of protein & healthy amino acids.

Naked Bones Junior Chicken Bone Broth contains zero added salt, is gluten-free, paleo & keto friendly and contains no artificial flavors.

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