19 June 2024, Wednesday

You may or may not know that this year we took over the brand Naked Bones after having followed the bone broth trends and NAKED BONES for some time. I have always , my whole life cooked stock and kept bones , with my mum, for our dogs, for our family and now for mine. So broth is no mystery. Neither is flavour having been in catering with our business Olive Twist since 2007. It just made sense. So now myself and my husband Stephen determine to carry on with working- together journey (with faith based hope!) that we can ensure our 2 businesses become stronger and we can grow NAKED BONES into a flourishing businesses nation-wide and who knows possibly globally (we have family in europe). Come along for the journey! We baring our bones to all , literally, and pouring our love, food knowledge and passion into this business.

Only recently we combined our event and catering expertise to bring a NAKED BONES experience to the TASH B Pilates studio for an evening of bone broth education and delicious food stations where we cooked with bone broth show casing its versatility. We spoke of overall wellness for your body with Pilates and food! I for one, LOVE IT and I cannot see how BONE BROTH cant be beneficial to an adult, child, pet, baby or elder. The best news is – you cant have too much. Our gorgeous NITA our nutrionist has confirmed this in her thorough study of BONE BROTH. Please contact her for wellness and diet plans as well as genetic testing.

We have recently launched our VEGAN range and LINEFISH BONE BROTH. Some say but you are a BONE BROTH brand and Bone broth is only related to meat and bones. We are, but we MUST move with where needs have to met and we didn’t want to leave out our vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian friends – we want to be accessible to all and soon we will start thinking about pets. We also have the added advantage of years of making flavours and combinations work so it was fun and creative work which wasn’t really work
The vegan broths have been so well received and for versatility we have come up with 3 flavours – the earthy bean base broth, our Asian inspired broth (vegetarian noodle bowls are essential) and our Spicey Chilli broth ( cayenne and turmeric have one healing property after the next).

We have a great relationship with our local fishmonger Grant who has kindly offered us his Dorado heads (the head being the most nutritious and beneficial part of the fish to derive goodness from) so how can we turn him down and not make LINEFISH BONE BROTH. It had to happen and I have already used it for fish curries, mussel pots and combines with chicken broth for noodle bowls. It is highly nutritious and the gelatin content is real people- I turned my 250ml tub upside down yesterday at home and my broth didn’t move. Please don’t be afraid to cook and use it. The LINEFISH broth has a really clean fragrant flavour and can add such an amazing base to any seafood based dish. I have even been known to sip it!

Next up well be talking recipes and ideas for using bone broth.. think cooking your kids pasta in our BONE BROTHS and using them to make hummus. Nutrition in your home has just gone through the ceiling.

Ros & Stephen